We offer the following services:

Consumer Protection Services Professional Teama) Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and Packaged Bank Account (PBA) . We offer a specialist claims handling service for victims of mis-sold financial products and services. Unlike many claims companies we interview each client to determine how they were mis sold the relevant product and write a claim based on their situation. With over 6 years claims processing experience, we have well established communications with all the major lending institutions and credit card companies as well as with many of the lesser known lenders, so you know your financial claim is in good hands.

b) Poor Investment Advise Claims. We will talk to you about your case and determine how the Financial Adviser that suggested the investment product did not properly take your circumstances at the time of sale into consideration.  We will formulate a detailed complaint, submit it to the relevant department and follow up until we get a final response. Our missold investments claims specialists has over 27 years of practical experience working as a Financial Adviser and IFA in the banking sector so you can rest assured that your claim is being handled by someone who knows the ropes within the banking investments industry.

Also, be aware of the looming deadline on PPI claims!

Why use a specialist?

At Consumer Savings Network we take that stress away by identifying the areas where PPI has been mis-sold to you, writing a detailed complaint and completing the relevant forms for you. Also in many instances clients have misplaced or no longer have the relevant loan or credit card details, we can often locate the lost account details when necessary to process your claim. We have processed over 40 thousand claims for our clients and know your rights under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Principles of Fair Business Conduct so we know how to get back what you deserve.

Our services

Consumer Savings Network will present your case based on the facts of your particular circumstances and point out the areas where the lender has breached FCA principles. We will then follow up with continual communication until a satisfactory response has been provided.

Where your claim is unsuccessful and we feel it justified, we may refer it to the Financial Ombudsman’s office for further review.

At Consumer Savings Network, we get most of the rejected cases that we present to the Financial Ombudsman’s Service for review overturned resulting in a refund for you even after the banks have said no.