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Create Cash Without Extortionate Interest Rates

If you need money but don’t want to pay the extortionate interest rates associated with short term lenders, Consumer Savings Network may be able to help. We have 2 programs available for interested clients who own their own home. With either one, you will be able to receive the money you need and use it as you would like, for example; to take that once in a lifetime holiday, to reduce your outstanding debts, to help your kids get on the property ladder or to buy a car.
It’s your money made available now, to improve your lifestyle in retirement as you like!

Equity Release

Use Our Equity Release Service for people 55 or over!

A Home Equity Release Program is ideal for homeowners over the age of 55, who have equity in their home and would like to enjoy the money for retirement without having to sell their home or make monthly loan repayments.
In this instance, the lender provides you with a lump sum of money based on the equity value of your home in today’s market. You can use the money as you like, as the lender only takes the loan repayments plus interest back after you have passed away, moved into care /or sold the house. You are also guaranteed occupancy for life as you remain the legal owner!

This is ideal for clients who would like to access cash at a low interest rate and not have to worry about loan repayments.

There are many practical reasons to consider Equity Release Plans for example;

  • For those with a considerable amount of equity in their home, it can help reduce inheritance tax liabilities for loved ones.
  • For those who have lost their income earning partner/spouse and are concerned with not having enough money for retirement.
  • For those with few inheritance concerns, who would like to enjoy their retirement years without compromising on their dreams or burdening their loved ones for support money.
  • And for those who wish to help out their loved ones with money now, when they could use it, to help get on the property ladder, buy a car, finance a wedding etc.