Equity Release services

Are you over 55 and have a significant amount of equity in your home?
Equity release can be a great way to add more value to your life now.
We can help you reap the benefits of your ‘golden’ retirement years earlier rather than later.
Why exactly do people consider equity release, on to a lifetime mortgage?
You may want to top-up your monthly income to give yourself a bit more cash every month? Be free from worry or tight budgeting throughout your retirement?
Perhaps you have been considering a holiday of a lifetime for several years and feel like the time to get it booked, is finally approaching?
Sometimes the sudden or sad loss of a partner or spouse can prompt the surviving partner to down size their home or need to decrease monthly outgoings, enabling them to have stress-free and positive experiences during the remainder of their lifetime?
Or maybe you want to gift your family members with some financial assistance? Help and watch them get on to the property ladder? Or see them afford and enjoy the wedding of their dreams? All while you are around to share in those precious moments with them.
Any or every single one of the reasons above, could prompt you to unlock some tax-free cash from your home, either as a lump sum or as smaller amounts, exactly as and when you need them. The flexibility is yours.
How much you can borrow will depend entirely on the value of your current home, the state of your health and your age.
With a lifetime mortgage you will not need to make any payments in your lifetime. The loan will be repaid when either: your home is sold, you pass away or you move into care.
This will obviously reduce the value of your estate and have an impact upon the amount of inheritance left behind, available to be passed on to loved ones and relatives.
We can give you free independent financial advice to make sure you understand completely, what your options are and whether equity release is right for you.
We can go through your hopes and needs for your own financial future, along with checking whether any equity release product will impact on your current state benefits.
Whatever the reason you want to release money now, we will help you make a decision that is right for you and your family. Give us a call whenever you are ready.