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Mis-sold Payday loans, could you be entitled to compensation?

Did You Have to Borrow Again and Again from one or more PayDay Lenders just to keep up the payments or to help with everyday living expenses?

If so, the PayDay Loan Company may not have lent you the money correctly and you could be due a refund plus interest from those PayDay Loan providers!

Stressed Payday loan couple calculating their financesPayDay loans, especially those taken out between 2011 and 2016, may not have been processed fairly and in many cases Consumer Savings Network will get the lenders to refund the interest rate they charged you plus any additional charges incurred while you had the loan plus additional compensatory interest at 8% for their error.

Payday loan providers often agreed most loans online or over the phone without properly checking if the loan they offered was affordable to you, based on your financial circumstances.

To make matters worse they often made it very easy to borrow more again and again once you were on their system and never really cared about what the spiralling interest rates and increasing monthly repayment were doing to your ability to repay them and still cover your basic living costs.

Did you tell them you were struggling, and the PayDay Lender was not helpful or sympathetic to your circumstance at the time?

If so, the PayDay loan provider may not have treated you fairly and you could be due a refund plus interest from the PayDay Loan providers!

PayDay loan companies have a duty of care to pay due regard to the interests of their clients. This means they must respond to your concerns in a prompt, professional and helpful manner. If this was not the case, we can help.

Not Sure If You Qualify? Let Us Check For You…

A simple conversation with one of our Mis Sold PayDay Loan specialists about your circumstances may lead to a refund of interest and charges on some or all of your loans plus 8% interest for the time they have had your money.

To see if you may qualify, simply fill in the contact form below or call us on 01625536777 and one of our Mis Sold PayDay Loan claims specialists will be ready to help.

No Win, No Fee, No Upfront fee’s

– You will have your own dedicated payday loan compensation specialist from start to finish.– No upfront fee’s required to commence your claim

– You will not be charged if we find out that you cannot claim!

– Our Fee is a fair 25% plus VAT, 10% lower on average than our competitors

Why Consumer Savings Network?

– Our specialists have a proven track record in recovering payday loan compensation.– We have a fantastic Success Rate.

– No paperwork is required, as we gather most details direct from the payday loan provider.

– Refunds are paid direct to you.

Do I Qualify?

– Did you take out more than 1 PayDay Loan with one or more PayDay Loan companies?

– Did You Struggle to keep up the repayments and need to borrow more?

– Did you explain your hardship and they didn’t respond in a helpful manner?