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PPI Claim Online
Payment Protection Insurance claims also known as PPI Claims relate to the insurance product which were arbitrarily sold to consumers taking out loans, mortgages and credit cards. The insurance was to cover repayments if they experienced financial problems i.e. through becoming ill or losing their job. Over a 20 year period it’s estimated that around 64 million PPI policies were sold, yet only 12 million PPI claims have been made for compensation.
Mis-selling of PPI policies occurred where individuals did not receive a full explanation of what the protection covered, whether it was compulsory, or worse, the cover was added without the borrower’s knowledge.
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced last year that the deadline for PPI Claims is set for 29th August 2019. Any claims relating to mis-sold PPI must be submitted to your bank/lender by this date. The FCA revealed the PPI Claim deadline in the Spring of 2017. They ran a consumer communications campaign featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, to aid customer’s decision as to whether they should make a PPI Claim before the deadline.
According to the Chief Executive of the FCA, Andrew Bailey, the deadline was put in place to prompt consumers to make a claim. With less than 20% of PPI customers having claimed there is still a significant amount of money owed to consumers. The deadline will not affect any claims that Consumer Savings Network are currently working on. It will only relate to new claims.
There’s no better time to make your claim. Banks have set aside a large sum of money specifically for PPI claims and added a further £1.5 billion in July 2017.
Have you considered making a claim on an old financial agreement? At Consumer Saving Network we offer a free PPI check service. We carry out all the work on your behalf and operate on a No Win-No Fee basis. We understand that when making a PPI Claim you may be concerned that you are unable to find your old paperwork. At Consumer Savings Network we will locate your old account details for you and find out if you paid PPI on any of them.
To start processing your claim we simply need a few basic details that allow us to contact your bank, building society or credit card provider. We do all the research for you, so you can just relax. Any PPI claim we successfully complete will be paid back to you, plus 8% interest to compensate for the time the banks had your money.
Our dedicated specialist Claims Advisors have helped thousands of customers claim millions through mis-sold PPI. With the deadline of 29th August 2019 looming there’s no better time to start your PPI claim. Get in touch today to start your PPI Claim 0800 032 7112.