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No Win – No Fee and only 25% plus Vat, Customer Assured Service

Unlike some companies that charge a deposit, or processing fee, we do not charge to make your claim!
We only charge a fee when we are successful and only after you have received your refund.

Once you have received a refund, our fee is 25% plus VAT (30% all included). Therefore if you receive a £2,000 refund you will owe us £600 in total.

Other companies can charge up to 39% plus VAT (46.8% all included) or will charge their commission fee before any income taxes are deducted. We feel you should only pay us on what you  get after this fee has been deducted.

We are so confident that there are absolutely no administrative costs even if it turns out you don’t have a claim or if no details could be found on your account.

Also, our Rejections Team headed by Debbie Smith has a history of getting over 70% of the rejected cases presented to the Financial Ombudsman’s Service for review, overturned, resulting in a refund for you even after the banks have said no.

Trust is a key factor in which company you use to carry out a PPI Reclaim, If you combine 7 years of experience processing PPI claims, together with our full processing service, even if initially rejected by your bank or card company, along with the assurance of no hidden costs through our NO Win No Fee service, Consumer Savings Network is the obvious choice!

Hey! Did you know the PPI Deadline is approaching? Read more here and get YOUR claim registered now!

NO WIN, NO FEE PPI Claims, and Only 25% plus VAT after you get a refund.

Over 50,000*
PPI and PBA claims processed on behalf of our clients
90%** Success
Overall success rate for claims made for our PPI Clients
£25 Million+*
Over £25 Million in compensation and  refunds won for our clients to date

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