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PPI Claims

PPI Claim Deadline Approaching:
 The final PPI Claim deadline has been set for August 29th 2019 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in an effort to draw a line under one of the banking industry’s biggest scandals. Millions of people have already been compensated and banks have paid out almost £47bn to cover payouts but their bill is likely to exceed £50bn before the deadline next year.  There have been approximately 64 million policies sold on PPI loans, PPI credit cards, PPI store cards, PPI mortgages and even PPI on overdrafts, yet only 12 million PPI claims have been made for compensation. For this reason the FCA has rolled out another aggressive PPI advertising campaign with Arnold Schwarzenegger urging us to make a PPI check to see if you have anything to claim back or lose the opportunity.
To find out if you are eligible, use our FREE PPI CHECK service….No Paperwork, No Problem.

Have You Paid Into One Of The 50 Million Still Unclaimed PPI Policies?

A Free PPI Check may find that you did!

Whether you remember having paid PPI or not, let our free PPI check service find out for you. All our work is done on a completely No Win- No Fee basis, and  if you did unfairly pay PPI, we will get it paid back for you, plus 8% interest for the time they have had your money! We can search all types of old loans, mortgages, credit cards, store cards, even overdrafts, to get the compensation you deserve! Don’t worry if you no longer have the paperwork, we can often find the details for you. Apply online or call us, to find out if you have a PPI Claim, you really have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.
   Just ask Mr Joseph E. , who didn’t know if he paid PPI on his old EGG card. He found us on Google and filled in our contact form online. We searched his records with EGG, discovered he had paid PPI, and sent a detailed claim on his behalf, and we won him back a whopping £21,857 PPI refund with added interest in October!
Not all cases are the same and refund amounts vary, but wouldn’t it be worth at least having a look?

Not Sure if You Paid Payment Protection Insurance in the Past?

We can find out.

Don’t worry. We have helped claim back PPI for over 8 years and many of our clients did not know whether they had ever paid PPI  until we looked into their past credit for them and won them compensation. Most PPI policies were no longer sold after 2010, so in general, you would only want to think about looking at the credit you took out prior to 2010. We will search all the previous lenders you have taken credit with over those earlier years and claim back PPI we find on your behalf, plus 8% compensatory interest! 

PPI Claims – Could I get a refund? If so how much?

Often without paperwork, the banks manage to avoid having to pay out any PPI you may have paid. This is why we’re even more determined to get you the PPI refund you deserve and will search your bank’s / financial institution’s records for all the old loans, mortgages or credit/ store cards, you have had in the past that did charge PPI. The average PPI claim refund we recover is around £2,700, but this depends on the size of the loan, mortgage or credit/ store card balance. It also depends on the length of time the Payment Protection Insurance policy has been in place and the number of top up loans you have had with the lender over the years or the amount of card balance you carried over each month on the credit/ store card.

Even store cards, where a credit balance remained on the card, can add up to serious compensation. For example, one of our clients  recently received a refund in October on an old Shop Direct Store Card of  £13,285 with added interest and 8% compensation!
  • This money is sent directly to you in most cases. You only pay our fees after you have received your refund, and at only 20% plus VAT (which is 24% all in), we are less than many of our competitors.  Consumer Savings Network are a customer focused company, big enough to manage your claims and deal with the largest organisations whilst small enough to give you the care, advice and attention you deserve.

What is Payment Protection Insurance, (PPI)?

  • Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a form of insurance that guarantees partial repayment of monthly loan, mortgage or credit/ store card fees, for usually up to a year in the event you are made redundant or lose employment from sickness.
  • PPI is known by many different names, usually dependent on the company providing them.You may recognize them as, Accident Sickness and Unemployment cover (ASU), Life & Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) and Personal Loan Protection.
  • Payment Protection Insurance has been mis-sold by many lending institutions because they failed to fully explain the additional costs, or failed to check if it was even beneficial to the client, for example, people with good sick pay benefits from work generally don’t need PPI. Also if you had alternative income support like savings. This is why over £20 Billion has been awarded in refunds to clients thus far.