Inexperienced with Investments when the advice was given? Felt too much of your savings was invested?

You may have a Mis-sold Investment and could be entitled to compensation plus interest! Bank Advisers often mis-sold investments, including Investment Bonds, ISA’s, Portfolio Management Accounts, Personal Investment Plans (PIPs), OEICs, Capital Protected Products, and SIPPs, by not properly taking your circumstances into consideration.

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Roy Gwinneth (FPC, Cmap, Qualified IFA) our lead Mis-sold Investments Adviser has 27 years experience working as a Financial Adviser for 2 major UK banks and knows when an investment has been suitably advised, from when it’s been designed to perhaps better line the pockets of the Financial Adviser who recommended it. If you ever lost money or only broke even on an investment or SIPP, and felt you were perhaps unsuitably advised, please contact our Investment specialists today to discuss your case.

There are no up front costs and All work is carried out on a No Win – No Fee basis!
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You do not need to use a claims management company to make a complaint to your bank/IFA and if your complaint is unsuccessful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman’s service for free.

Our Commission Fee is only 30% plus Vat (36% in total) after you are awarded your compensation.

Stocks and Shares ISA’s, Investment Bonds, Capital Protected Products, Portfolio Management Accounts…

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Try our FREE checking service, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation plus interest. Mr and Mrs Coulson asked us to look into a Barclays BPIM (personal investment management) account after reading our article about mis- sold investments, and we won them £104,027 in compensation!

No Win, No Fee, No Upfront fee’s

– There are no upfront fees to process your claim.

– You will not be charged anything if we do not win your case.

– When successful, our fee is 30% plus VAT (36% in total) of the total compensation awarded.

– If you cancel after 14 days and we have already submitted your claim and an offer is made, our fee will still be charged as per our T&C’s of 30% plus VAT.

Why Use Our Company?

– You will have your own dedicated Investment Claims specialist from start to finish.

– Our specialists have a 90% Success Rate in recovering investment compensation.

– No Investment paperwork is required from you, we gather most details direct from the Investment provider.

– We are one of the longest running Mis sold Investment claim companies, winning cases since 2014.

How Do I Know if I Qualify?

– Approached by a Bank adviser after depositing a lump sum in your account?

– Did you feel too much of your capital was invested?

– Were you expecting the investment to be worth more at the end, based on the advisers assurances?

– Was the adviser keen on selling you one product?

– Did they fully consider your attitude to risk before making their recommendation?

Recent Mis-Sold Investment Success Stories…

Here are a few Recent Success Stories through claims made by our Mis-sold Investment Team ;

  • Here are just a few recent samples of successful outcomes for our clients.
    Most of them had lost money they were relying on for retirement and were told nothing could be done as it was down to poor market conditions, but then they contacted us for help.

On 20/01/2020, CSN won £11,008.75 for Mrs J. from a Mis-sold Personal Investment Plan (PIP) with Halifax.

Mrs Ja...

On 11/09/2019, We won £23,922 in compensation plus interest from Barclays for a mis sold Portfolio Management Account.

Mrs Jeff...

On 02/01/2020, we won £8,512.75 in compensation from a mis sold OEIC, invested in 2007 with Lloyds.

Miss Judith B....

On 05/11/19, we won £10,470.83 from Mis sold ISA’s and Investment Bonds arranged by Halifax

Mr and Mrs Mor....

On 10/08/2018, we won back £29,345.48 with added interest for Mis-sold Investment Bonds set up by Halifax

Mr and Mrs Ric...

On 14/11/2019, CSN won £111,176.16 for inappropriate advice regarding their Investment Management Account with HSBC.

Mr and Mrs Gri...

On 17/04/2019, we reclaimed £12,576.90 with added interest for Investment Bonds  and Stocks and Shares ISA’s with Barclays.

Mr & Mrs Whit....

On 14/01/2020, we received a £5,559.66 refund notice for Mr Dav… for a Mis sold OEIC arranged through Lloyds.

Mr Dav....

On 08/04/2019, Barclays agreed to pay back £104,027 to Mr and Mrs Coulson for unsuitable investment advice regarding their Personal Investment Management Portfolio.

Mr and Mrs Coul...,

On 14/11/2019, CSN won £14,957.62 from his Lloyds Private Banking Asset Management Account.

Mr Well..., Your Content Goes Here

Even if you received your initial investment back after tieing it up for several years in a poor investment, you could be owed money for lost earnings potential! Please call our team today to see if we could help.  Remember all work is no win-no fee …guaranteed!

How Were People Mis-sold investments by Bank Advisers?

  • Most Bank Financial Advisers were tied agents, so they could only recommend investment products provided by their bank. This limited the investment providers options available to you. Because of this, customers were often sold investments that suited the banks product range rather than the customer’s needs. If you had a Lloyds ISA, Halifax ISA and Bank of Scotland ISA, these were often heavily equity based and not suitable for new investors. They relied on UK growth stocks as well as European and American Stocks and Shares and were often riskier than most of their clients had anticipated. Also Capital Protected products by Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Barclays were invested in riskier equity and commercial property products so at the end of the term all you got back was your initial capital and you lost all the potential earnings had the money been more conservatively placed.
  • In fact, on May 12th 2017, the Times highlighted how Lloyds agreed to pay back compensation which may total some £80M, for investment products it sold to older clients who wanted to invest their nest egg money with little risk as their retirement was imminent. If you were advised to invest in the Acorn Market Linked Deposit or Scottish Widows Protected Capital Solution Funds, sold between 2008 and 2010 we can claim back compensation. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said the Acorn product ‘was in breach of providing fair, clear, and not misleading promotions, because it provides the consumer with a misleading impression of the return’.
  • In many cases, financial advisers had monthly performance targets, so they were put under pressure to hit targets if they wanted to keep their job or  receive important perks. In fact, a Sunday Times Money section cover story dated February 12th 2017, highlighted St James’s Place and how it’s financial advisers were paid on a high pressure commission basis and received multiple perks for every pound they invested of client money.
  • HSBC were hit with a £10.5m fine for selling unsuitable products to almost 2,500 elderly customers, Barclays were fined £7.7m. Santander UK were fined £12.4m for widespread Premium Investment advise failings, and RBS/NatWest group have also been fined £2.8m for failing to properly serve their customers needs.

How Do I Know If I was Mis-sold by my Bank Advisor?

Here are a few possible reasons:

  • You were an inexperienced investor, or you wanted a cautious to low risk investment.
  • More than half of your available capital was invested.
  • You were nearing retirement or relying on the proceed for retirement at the time of your investment.
  • The service proposition of regular reviews never occurred.
  • The adviser did not take into proper consideration your future financial needs like holiday budgets, home improvements or other earmarked expenses.
  • If the adviser did not leave you with enough disposable income after your actual monthly outgoings.

“We congratulate you for a wonderful service, especially our Investment assessor, Mr Matt Fitzgerald, who kept us informed of each procedure along the way. We would recommend your company as being first class!”  Mr & Mrs James and Margaret Bennett, recent clients.
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