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Were you Inexperienced with Investments at the time the Investment advice was given and felt it was just not right?

You may have a Mis-sold Investment and could be entitled to compensation plus interest! Bank Advisers often mis-sold investments, including Personal Investment Plans (PIPs), Unit Trusts/ OEICs, Capital Protected Products, Investment Bonds, and SIPPs or Pension transfers, by not properly taking your specific circumstances into consideration.

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Roy Investment compensation expert.Roy (FPC, Cmap, Qualified IFA) our lead Mis-sold Investments Adviser has 27 years experience working as a Financial Adviser and IFA for 2 major UK banks and knows when an investment is suitably based on a client’s personal circumstances and risk profile, from when it’s been designed to perhaps better line the pockets of the Financial Adviser who recommended it. If you have ever lost money on your investment or SIPP, felt you were unsuitably advised or are just unsure, please contact one of our investment team specialists today, who will discuss your case and help determine if you have a suitable claim.

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Try our FREE checking service, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation plus interest. Mr and Mrs Cra…. asked us to look into Investment advice they received from St James Place, and we ended up winning them £11,167 in compensation in November!

No Win, No Fee, No Upfront fee’s

– You will have your own dedicated Investment Claims specialist from start to finish.– No upfront fee’s required to commence your claim

– You will not be charged if we find out that you cannot claim!

– Our Fee is a fair 25% plus VAT, 10% lower on average than our competitors

Why Use Our Company?

– Our specialists have a proven track record in recovering Mis-sold investment compensation.– We have a 90% Success Rate.

– No paperwork is required, as we gather most details direct from the Investment provider.

– Refunds are paid direct to you.

How Do I Know if I Qualify?

– Did the adviser properly consider your attitude to risk when investing your money?– Did you fully understand how the investment product worked and risk of loss?

– Did you expect the investment to be worth more at the end, based on the advisers assurances?

– Did the adviser seem keen on selling one particular product?

Recent Mis-Sold Investment Success Stories…

Here are a few Recent Success Stories through claims made by our Mis-sold Investment Team ;

  • Here are just a few of the recent larger successful outcomes for our clients.
    Most of them had lost money they were relying on for retirement and were told it was down to poor market conditions, before contacting us for help.

On 27/07/2018, Mrs Hub… £7,614.83 in compensation from HSBC for mis sold Investment ISA and Funds Plan

Mrs Hub...

On 13/08/2018, we won £4,731.22 in compensation from mis sold ISA and OEIC Investments sold by Yorkshire.

Miss Glad....

On 03/08/18, we won £10,242.36 from Mis sold Isa’s and OEICs recommended by Lloyds Scottish Widows

Mr Har....

On 10/08/2018, we won back £29,345.48 with added interest for Mis-sold Investment Bonds set up by Halifax

Mr and Mrs Ric...

On 30/07/2018, CSN won £15,754.43 for Mis sold OEICs recommended by Halifax

Mr and Mrs Bol...

On 30/01/2017, we reclaimed £18,730.87 with added interest from her PIP (Personal Investment Plan) with Halifax

Mrs Wel….

On 01/02/2017, we reclaimed £40,228.62 with added interest from a Personal Investment Management Fund sold by Barclays

Mr and Mrs Mor…

Even if you received your initial investment back after tieing it up for several years in a poor investment, you could be owed money for lost earnings potential! Please call our team today to see if we could help.  Remember all work is no win-no fee …guaranteed!

How Were People Mis-sold investments by Bank Advisers?

  • Most Bank Financial Advisers were tied agents, which means they could only recommend investment products provided by the bank they worked for, which limited the options available. This resulted in customers being sold investments that suited the banks product range rather than the customer’s requirements. To name a few, Aviva Global Balanced and Aviva Cautious Income Funds sold by Barclays, Halifax Guaranteed Investment Plan, Scottish Widows Capital Protected and Capital Solutions Funds and their Guaranteed Investment Fund all sold by Lloyds, were all often mis-sold products we have successfully fought.
  • In fact, on May 12th 2017, the Times highlighted how Lloyds recently agreed to pay back compensation which may total some £80M, for investment products it sold to older clients who wanted to invest their nest egg money with little risk as their retirement was imminent. If you were advised to invest in the Acorn Market Linked Deposit or Scottish Widows Protected Capital Solution Funds, sold between 2008 and 2010 we can claim back compensation. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said the Acorn product ‘was in breach of providing fair, clear, and not misleading promotions, because it provides the consumer with a misleading impression of the return’.   https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/lloyds-to-pay-80m-in-new-sales-blunder-06r3gnq2d
  • In most cases, financial advisers were targeted monthly and annually so were put under pressure to hit their target if they wanted to keep their jobs or still receive important perks like free Life cover or transition payments. In fact, a recent Sunday Times Money section cover story dated February 12th 2017 highlighted St James’s Place and how it’s financial advisers were paid on a high pressure commission basis and received multiple perks for every pound they invested in client money.  http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/advisers-win-prizes-for-every-pound-you-invest-xw9kft5rr
  • HSBC were also hit with a £10.5m fine for selling unsuitable products to almost 2,500 elderly customers, Barclays were fined £7.7m. Santander UK were fined £12.4m for widespread Premium Investment advise failings, and RBS/NatWest group have also been fined £2.8m for failing to properly serve their customers needs.

How Do I Know If I was Mis-sold by my Bank Advisor?

  • If you were 50 years or over when you made the investment, and your attitude to risk was cautious or you wanted a no risk investment.
  • If more than half of your available capital was invested?
  • If the Investments were never explained in detail, including the initial charge, ongoing charges and commission paid to the agent or bank?
  • If the adviser did not take into proper consideration your future financial needs like retirement income, home improvements or other earmarked expenses.
  • If the adviser did not properly assess your actual monthly outgoings.

“We congratulate you for a wonderful service, especially Mr Matt Fitzgerald, who kept us informed of each procedure along the way. We would recommend your company as being first class!”

Mr and Mrs James and Margaret Bennett, recent clients.

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